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Most of our speaking happens via other organizations and groups. We plan, though, to also run a few events ourselves, or in partnership with others.

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Below you can read about the first of these, plus another one which might interest you:

Biblically Woke? A Better Conversation.

London, UK. March 9th, 2024

(w/ Kristi Mair, Luke Cawley, Dave Benson, Matt Jolley)

‘A Better Conversation’ is a collaboration between invisible castle and The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC). This one-day event is aimed primarily at those in their twenties or among the student generation. It’s not for ministry specialists, just for anyone trying to follow Jesus today.

We’re creating a structured collaborative context, kind of a ‘mission lab’, where the focus isn’t on listening to talks, but together engaging in a guided process of cultural and theological reflection and discussion. The aim is that we can better discern together both how to live as disciples of Jesus in this current cultural moment, and how to engage conversationally on tricky topics.

This first event together focuses on how we engage with contemporary questions of justice. Both Luke and Kristi of invisible castle, as well as Dave Benson and Matt Jolley of LICC, will be involved in facilitating the day.

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Nomadland: Living Missionally in a Constantly-Shifting Culture

Lee Abbey, Devon, UK. April 3rd-7th, 2024

(w/ Luke Cawley)

Lee Abbey is a beautiful retreat centre in the South West of England, overlooking a stunning coastline.

Luke will be leading a week there entitled ’Nomadland: Living Missionally in a Constantly-Shifting Culture. The description for the week reads:

‘Our culture seems to be in constant state of flux and evolution, and it’s easy to feel like we’re running several steps behind in our attempts to engage people around us with the story and message of Jesus. During our week together we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities of our present moment, and some of the ways we can respond — both as individuals, and also as communities; in word and in action. We’ll begin developing a plan for recalibrating our own lives so that we can continue to partner effectively with God in his mission to the people and places around us.’

The week is aimed at anybody looking to better orient missionally in their own context. Lee Abbey residential weeks normally include morning interactive teaching/training sessions, and then afternoons and evenings free to hang out and explore the local area, or pray and reflect. Activities are also arranged for your kids, if you have any. So it’s a good chance to blend vacation, retreat, and your own development as a participant in the mission of God where you live.

Nomadland isn’t specifically an invisible castle event, but it has some of the same vibe, and you’d be welcome to join for the week. You can book in via the Lee Abbey website, here, or by clicking the button below.

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