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Welcome to invisible castle. Our aim here is to offer you a fresh approach to communication about Jesus, especially among emerging generations.

Every couple of weeks, beginning in mid-2024, we will post articles and hopefully a podcast relating to engaging with — and helping others encounter — the one on whom all reality is contingent.

Perhaps, in time, we’ll add in some other media — our first written resource, the book Beyond Monologue: Preparing Interactive Talks, is already available to order, and we’re also planning some physical events. Our hope is that you’ll find what you read and hear from us will feel fresh and helpful.

The co-creators of invisible castle are Kristi Mair and Luke Cawley, and the project grows from our friendship and collaborations, as well as from our own everyday work, which encompasses teaching, writing, and developing fresh initiatives in all kinds of contexts.

By day, Kristi is Lecturer in Philosophy, Ethics and Apologetics at Oak Hill College in London, while Luke is the Director of Chrysolis, a small organization which helps Christian organizations and churches develop fresh approaches to engaging with those would never normally consider Jesus as an option for their lives.

You can find a summary of our writing and education here. Between us, we have graduated in English Literature, Theological & Pastoral Studies, Christian Apologetics, Evangelism & Leadership, Philosophy, and Religion & Ethics, with those qualifications coming from Birmingham University, Oxford University, Wheaton College, and Cardiff University.

Kristi wrote the book MORE>Truth: Searching for Certainty in an Uncertain World (IVP, 2018), while Luke is the author of The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians and the Spiritual But Not Religious (IVP, 2016) and Campus Lights: Students Living and Speaking for Jesus Around the World (Muddy Pearl, 2019). Together we also co-edited the first full-length Christian response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis: Thriving in the Covid-19 Pandemic (IVP, 2020). Further details of all those books can be found here.

Both of us travel regularly to speak at events and give training or advice. So please do get in touch with us if you think we can be of help to you.

Kristi Mair — kristi@entertheinvisiblecastle.com
Luke Cawley — luke@entertheinvisiblecastle.com

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Who funds invisible castle, and to whom is it accountable?

Chrysolis, UK-registered charity 1152787.

Who are the trustees of Chrysolis?

Stephen Humphreys (Chair), Trevor Raaff (Treasurer), Hannah Giddings (Secretary), Caitlin Ormiston, and Kristi Mair.

How can we contact Chrysolis?

Email them at office@chrysolis.org.

Or by post at: Chrysolis, New Rectory, Main Street, Linby, NG15 8AE, United Kingdom

Do Luke and Kristi receive payment for the articles they write?

They are not paid for writing the articles, though they retain copyright on them, and Luke is salaried by Chrysolis for a range of projects, including time spent on invisible castle.

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